There are various reasons for an organisation or individual to build a website; it can be a business website, blogging platform, exhibition, online store, etc. The process of creating the website may remain similar, time-consuming and tedious.

The time taken to build websites needs to be understood because it also reflects the amount of importance a certain aspect of the website holds. Getting the required domain and hosting package is the beginning of building that dream business website.

You can utilise modern technical tools like a website builder or go for the good old classic professional website developer and designer! Let us understand more about the time and timeline for creating a website!

Procedure And The Website Building Timeline

1. Strategy and Planning

Undoubtedly, strategy and planning take up the most amount of time. Strategising and planning include answering critical questions like how your website will look, how it will operate, what is going to be the USP, what software tools to integrate, etc. This part of the procedure takes a lot of time and effort on the website owner’s and designer’s part.

  • Between 5 to 15 weeks

2. Appropriate Research

Your website build timeline must include research because, without the appropriate amount of study and assessment, you cannot make informed decisions for your website. There are a few important research points: your target audience, their habits, your preferred way of building your website, the right platform, the right structure, software choices, and the industry landscape. This will help you in building the best website for your target audience and produce desirable results.

  • Approximately 5 weeks

3. Outline

Your research is still on paper. The creation of the website is the part where it comes to life. This is when you make the outline or the skeleton of your website. Just some basic and outer-performing features will appear at this stage. In order to make a beautiful-looking website, this part of the process should be done right.

  • Up to 5 weeks

4. Tailored Designing

This part of the design determines the layout, navigation, interface, and white space of your website. If you use a website builder, picking the right kind of features, layouts, themes, and templates becomes paramount. The synergy between your vision and the designer’s craft will decide the look of your website.

  • 5 weeks, more or less

5. Developing the Content

Creating the content that portrays the purpose and scope of your business will go in at this point in the procedure. The content must include images of your product and services, other media, customer reviews, product descriptions, blogs, the motto of your business, vision, goals, and contact information.

  • Up to 10 weeks

6. Testing, Revising, and Publishing

Once you are done with this step, you will have to test whether the website is working or not. If there is anything wrong, you will need to rectify it. Once that is done, you will go on and publish the website.

  • 2-3 weeks at the most

Ending Note

Apart from the above steps, the tech support provided by your developers and the upgradation of the application is an ongoing process. The steps mentioned earlier are the common process that is followed regardless of the industry and type of business you deal in.

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