bar is one of the coolest hangouts place for relieving stress. Not only gather, people can spend time in the bar to entertain themselves, buy a drink, and listen to music. At Sports Bar Caringbah, you can watch sports together while enjoying various drinks. The cozy atmosphere of the bar is very supportive. If you are interested in setting up a bar business, do the following steps:

1. Write a Business Plan

Making a business plan is one thing that must be prepared before opening any business. Without a plan, a business will not do well. Take note of the amount of capital needed, theme, concept, logo, and name. Think about what furniture and equipment are needed and determine the target market.

Writing a business plan will make it easier for you to achieve your vision and mission. In addition, this step helps you to avoid losses.

2. Determine the Name of the Bar

The name is an identity that must be owned by a bar business to distinguish it from other competitors. In addition, the name of the bar usually represents its characteristic. Look for a word or sentence that is unique and pleasant to hear. You can also specify your bar name based on the theme.

3. Designing the Concept and Theme of the Bar

After writing down the plan and deciding a name, the next step you need to do is design the concept and theme. Prepare a unique and creative concept so that your bar is different from other bars. The main thing you should consider in designing a bar is, of course, the bar and lounge area. don’t forget to determine furniture, design, lighting arrangement, and location of furniture, walls, floors, and others.

4. Creating the Logo Bar

In addition to the name, the logo is an important identity to distinguish your bar from other bars. Make a logo bar design with a creative form that has not been used by any company. You can find inspiration and references from the internet or hire a professional who specializes in logo design.

5. Determine the Location of the Bar

determine the exact location of the bar. Choose a location that is strategic and easy to access by the target consumer. If you choose to rent a location first, don’t forget to ask for permission to avoid a dispute in the middle of the business running.