So, you’ve decided it is time to sell gold jewellery, scrap gold, or other gold items and get cash for your precious metal. Still, you do not know what to expect when you sell your gold or where you should sell it. You want the best price for your gold pieces in Brisbane, right! Then this article is for you.

Jewellery Stores Might Not Accept Your Gold Items

Gold is a valuable commodity, and many jewellery or pawn shops can charge you a fee when you sell or pawn your gold. As a result, you might end up 10{1b0827ce82692f5ad98604510a29129a5d6bf3afe205680583f8b1b0b3af0de7} less of your expected value for your gold. As a result, when selling jewellery pieces, a jewellery store or a pawnbroker might not be the best option.

While a jeweller might accept a ring with precious stones. Jewellers are not interested in your old gold jewellery without the precious stone making it difficult to sell. You find this with less-pure gold pieces as it has a lower value, like 14k gold mixed with alloys. Hence, the gold content is low.

While a pawn shop might not offer you a high buyback price compared to a gold dealer offering you up to 80{1b0827ce82692f5ad98604510a29129a5d6bf3afe205680583f8b1b0b3af0de7} of the market value price.

Choose a Gold Dealer Instead of a Jewellery Store or Pawn Shop

Because of the above reasons, the best is to sell gold to gold buyers in Brisbane. The buyback offer presented to buy a gold buyer is determined by the current pure gold price per troy ounce (grams). Gold dealers will buy any gold item, no matter its purity level. Therefore, you get the most money without much effort when working with a gold buying company.

The best is to visit a local gold buyer near you for a consultation and have your gold items tested. So, gather all your gold piecesm de-clutter that jewellery box to take them to a local gold dealer shop now.

The dealer will consider the overall weight with the purity of the gold you have brought in by testing and weighing it all. Then the dealer will look at the current gold spot price and other precious metals like silver less their commission. This is known as the buyback price, most reputable daeles will buy your gold jewellery for 10{1b0827ce82692f5ad98604510a29129a5d6bf3afe205680583f8b1b0b3af0de7} under spot.

Based on the above factors, you will get a quote for the value of your gold jewellery pieces. The reason is that the gold buyers will repurchase the gold at less than the spot price to cover their costs and make a profit when they send it off to be refined.

Interested in Selling Your Gold or Other Precious Metals

If you are ready to sell your gold jewellery or other precious metals, a gold buyer in Brisbane is the best place to start. You can expect the best prices conveniently when selling the gold you no longer need. The best part is visiting a gold dealer. You can have your pieces assessed on the spot to receive a written quote or cash in hand.

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