The feedback gotten from clients and customers depends on how a place is managed. An organization cannot fully function without central coordination. Poor management can lead to the closure of companies hence the need for good management. Good management is a vitalizing factor that boosts the productivity of any organization and ensures it reaches its desired goal.

Good management provides creativity to the organization because consistency can be boring, creativitybrings fresh imagination, knowledge, and ideas for that dynamic change needed for growth.

As a manager, there are some skills you’ll need to possess in order to become a great manager. The following are qualities of a good manager.

·       Manage money properly

One of the major characteristics of a good manager is proper management of finances. Money is often limited. This is considering that there is always several things to be done with little money. Even when there is enough money, a manager must still learn to be prudent with money to maximize profit for the organization. This is why a manager should invest in money management apps.

·       Ensure supplies are always available

Your employees will need raw materials, tools and equipment to work. A good manager must make sure his staff have all they need to be productive. He must be aware of when there are issues with equipment and machines towards ensuring faulty equipment are quickly repaired. When you need to get equipment and raw materials, you can read reviews on to know the best types of supplies and equipment to get at affordable price.

·       Get to know your employee

It is a common scenario whereby a manager leads from a distance without actually getting to know the employees. Some managers have the perception that getting close to an employee can result in familiarity which can hinder the flow of instructions being executed. As a good manager, you should be able to balance this, getting to know your employee on a personal level and also on a professional level can help you know their weakness and their strength and it would help you bring out the best in each employee.

·       Be a motivator

People work well when they are motivated instead of criticized. As a good manager, you must develop this skill. Point out the benefits of hard work to your employers and also introduce a reward system to those that are outstanding.

·       Listen to your employees

Avoid being an autocratic leader, such leaders don’t go far and they tend to achieve lesser than expected. There should be room for your employees to air out their opinions, listen to their ideas and suggestions, if it is something that would be an added advantage, why not incorporate it?

·       Ask for feedback

This is a great way of improving one’s self in becoming a great manager, although, it’s not every feedback that you accept. It is important to be open the feedback and make the necessary adjustment.

·       Lead by example

As a leader, you are not exempted from the guideline of the company, your leadership must be with an example. Learn to be a servant leader. Lead by showing others how it is done, employees tend to give maximum loyalty to such leaders.

·       Improve your skills

Some managers tend to be stagnant with their level of knowledge or skills. They don’t give room for growth, they tend to be stuck with a certification that they achieved years ago forgetting that the world is dynamic. You need to move along with time. Update your skills, read new books on management, enroll for that course, examine your weaknesses and work on improving them daily.

·       Treat everyone equally

In your place of work, there should be no favorite. Favoritism can be demoralizing for employees, as a professional it is important to treat everyone equally. Every promotion should be based on merit and not based on favoritism. Employees may likely believe that hard work and honesty doesn’t bear fruit because of such unhealthy practice.