Reworking Private Mobility

Pick their battles and drive for management position in chosen RACES. This will usually require substantial investments in M&A and sure capabilities that are usually exterior of traditional automotive strongholds. All conventional producers and suppliers will want to develop their own solutions and methods to deal with the 5 RACES and to be properly arrange for the “Automotive Endgame”. Each of the RACES would require huge investments and the development of often new capabilities, including software. Given the magnitude of the problem, we imagine that no player will have the power to implement proprietary solutions for all 5 RACES with out sturdy partnerships. Companies can not focus only on traditional value chain actions.

  • Vibration welding has lengthy been a means of choice for automotive components which have complex geometries.
  • Our solutions can help you personalize in-car companies, assist subscription-based contracts, handle e-fleets, construct and run EV charging networks, and more.