Using a plastic coupon is an excellent way to reach customers and encourage them to visit a business. Plastic coupons can be mailed directly to customers. Coupons can be displayed at the entrance or on the counter at the store. Studies show that 68{1b0827ce82692f5ad98604510a29129a5d6bf3afe205680583f8b1b0b3af0de7} of customers believe that coupons actually promote loyalty.

It is a commonly known fact that loyal customers translate to repeat business. In addition, coupons are a great way to reach out to new customers and entice them to make a purchase simply by adding a time frame to the promotion and by adding a call to action on the plastic coupon.

Further studies reveal that 97{1b0827ce82692f5ad98604510a29129a5d6bf3afe205680583f8b1b0b3af0de7} of customers look for deals when shopping. 

Plastic coupons add value and convenience as the coupons can easily be kept inside the wallet of the customer. Coupons factor in every stage of the purchasing process, highlighting the importance of using plastic coupons as part of a marketing campaign. 

Coupons also drive impulse purchases and are a great method of driving brand discovery on a new business, a product offered by a business, or a service offered by the business. Coupon availability will drive customers away from competitors and toward the chosen business.