Gold prices have steadily risen while other markets around the world have, to say the least, undergone a tumultuous decline. This campaign underscores one of the main reasons behind so many people want to invest in gold and other valuable metals. In times of market turmoil, they are often a store of value, a haven form of investment. This makes them a very appealing form of investment for all.

Here, around each of the most common precious metals, we will run down some of the fundamentals, what moves their value, and, most importantly, how you can easily start investing and these other precious metal properties.

Types of Precious Metals

Usually, when we’re talking about investing in precious metals, gold is always seen as the only option. While this is undoubtedly the most popular choice, there are a few other key precious metal markets that, depending on your style, can present as ideal investment opportunities.


Of course, gold is the king when it comes to these markets. It is recognized as one of the most secure value stores on any asset you may invest. The reasons behind it being a haven in times of economic strife derive primarily from the fact that supply and demand, like many other commodities, do not influence the gold market in the same way.

This allows for great price control from those holding the asset, especially when there is economic uncertainty that can send the price higher than we see in today’s market. You can also see a substantial shift towards gold when interest rates are low, and the general market return on other assets is not high.


When you are investing in precious metals, silver is another of the most common options. It has many uses in electrical appliances and circuitry and thus appears to be more volatile depending on the demand from these regions.

To that end, silver can be far more dependent on a stable, performing economy where demand for the commodity is high from the industry. In contrast, it is still seen as a hedge in times of weakness in the US dollar and against increasing inflation, despite its much greater volatility. These factors currently play a role as the dollar weakens, and inflation guidelines are being loosened.


This is a third option that is not always regarded by many traders when investing in precious metals. However, the truth is that Platinum was historically considered to be selling at higher prices, even than gold. In part, this is due to the scarcity of Platinum.

It is commonly used as an essential component in catalytic converters in the automotive industry. That, though, brings some aspect of exposure to the automotive industry with it. This exposure for Platinum at the moment has seen conflicting fortunes as the prices of the safe-haven gold and silver have soared. Nevertheless, a bounce back into the industry could certainly see a rapid reversal of fortunes.

Is Investing in Precious Metals Risky?

Just like investing in any other assets or markets, when investing in precious metals, there is always a specific risk involved. Also, gold that is sometimes described as “evidence of recession” can be volatile. For the likes of silver and others, this goes even more so.

With that thought in mind, you must do your homework and know the risks before you invest. You should also bear in mind that some of the investment vehicles in these assets can differ in how risky they are. This also implies that you review any commissions or spreads on each of the assets that you exchange. If you follow these steps, then when it comes to your precious metal investments, you will set yourself up for future success.

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