The pandemic completely changed the face of 2020, but that does not mean it brought all gloom and doom. If you are in love and want to tie the knot with your favourite person, that is a thing of joy and coronavirus should not stop you. Even if you do not get to gather everyone together physically, you can have a great wedding online too. You could even read Wedding mall experiences and get a nice wedding mall for the virtual wedding. Here are some ideas for you:

Enlist the help of some people
Every great event, either virtual or physical, needs to be supported by some strong planning. You cannot plan it alone; you need the help of other people. So get a virtual team together and brainstorm ideas on how you all can make your wedding the greatest virtual wedding ceremony ever.

Go for high-quality clothes
Do not let the thought of being unable to hold a physical event rob you of looking good on your wedding day. It is a big day for you, and you should dress accordingly. Do not run into debt because of wedding clothes, however, get the best you can. Even on Zoom, YouTube or any other platform people may be watching on, let them feel the beauty of your dress.

Invest in an attractive environment
Either you want to sit in your sitting room or use your porch or go out into the open air, your environment should be well decorated and dripping with wedding sparks. You can decorate your space yourself if you know you will do a good job, or you hire a professional decorator to do it for you.

Invest in good photography
Having a wedding online is no excuse for not taking good photos. You can use your phone camera to take good photos or hire a professional photographer to get good pictures of you. Your wedding photos are very precious, and it is only right you invest in high-quality photos that last.

Plan your invites well
Do not be shoddy with sending invites because it is an online wedding. Send invites out before the event. When it is closer to the day of the event, send out reminders. Since it is an online wedding, you can communicate with people through emails. Before the event starts on the day, send out another reminder. Your friends are likely to get gifts sent to you. If you intend to send souvenirs, you can use a gifts online store that would deliver directly to them.

Test your equipment
There is nothing as embarrassing as having your phone or laptop with which you are connected to others go off perhaps when you want to exchange vows, or you suffer snail-like internet connectivity. As such, the best way to be prepared is to have already practised in advance. If it works during your practice, it will work during the real ceremony as well.

Get enough rest
While planning your online wedding, try to get enough rest. Do not pressurize yourself unnecessarily. Do not over worry either. You will be fine. Everything will work out fine. Ear well and rest well. You need all the strength you can muster on your wedding day.