The majority of job seekers dread the moment when the have to create or update their curriculum vitae. They know that the document must be impeccable in all matters if they want to catch the recruiter’s attention and get a job interview. The good news is that you can now build the perfect CV in 5 minutes thanks to online CV creators and the following tips.

Get Rid of Clichés on your CV

As we have just said, the best way to make a cv in 5 minutes is using a trustworthy online CV generator. You will find the right template and will be able to fill it with your own information. But it can be easier said than done. Even if you find the perfect CV example, if may have issues completing it if you do not get rid of all the clichés. You can be a detail-oriented person who knows how to manage priorities and has a great sense of responsibility. But you know what? The recruiter reads that kind of information a hundred times a day. In other words, that does not impress them anymore. Your first goal is to get rid of anything cliché from your resume.

Highlight your Great Achievement for each Job Application

This mistake is too widespread. You know by heart the duration and the responsibilities of each of your former jobs but you fail to find a single accomplishment of which you are particularly proud. Obviously, recruiters need to know what you did, where, when, and why. But it is better to give them evidences of your competences, in a subsection of your key accomplishments and other successes, for instance. This will set you apart from the others! And no need to say that you have multiplied your firm’s turnover by 4 (unless you have). You may have been able to lift up the spirits of the colleagues during a difficult contract or have helped to optimize a process within your firm. These successes also count!

Find Keywords that Match the Job

If you are applying for a job using an online form, there is a good chance that your CV will first be scanned by software. You might as well say that it is better that you have thought about entering the keywords that the robots who review your CV will spot! These will be the same keywords that recruiters use in the job description. Put them in the Introduction section, in the Skills section and even in the Experience section.

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