NASDAQ: TSLA at known as the company that specialises in electric vehicles and clean energy, Tesla was founded by the engineers – Martin Eberhard and Marc Tarpenningin 2003. They chose Tesla as the name of the company as a tribute to the electrical engineer and genius of his times – Nikola Tesla. The next three employees were Ian Wright, the famous Elon Musk ad JB Straubel. They later became co-founders of the company.The current products of Tesla are Model S, Model 3, Model X and Model Y, battery energy storage from home to grid-scale, solar products and solar roof tiles.

Why is Tesla or NASDAQ: TSLA popular?

Tesla presents the future of the automobile industry. When it comes to Electric Vehicle, Tesla is the guru. Elon Musk, seen as the face of the company can be given a lot of credit for bringing recognition and fame to the company. His vision was to make the electric cars accessible to the masses. According to him, the high-quality electric cars must be affordable to increase its reach. The company not only provides the product but also the infrastructure and services required to use the product.

The stock performance of NASDAQ: TSLA

The previous close was at 448.16. The day’s range was 415-439.13. The 53-week range record was 45.61 – $502.49. The market cap is $418 B. The P/E (ttm) was observed at 1001.85. Despite its recent success, the stock values went down by 7.38{e7ad48543174ae061094484a06143c58d2aa321179bd8d3015722d75686ebda0} and closed at 415.09.If one takes a look at the profitability of the company, then the profit margin is 1.43{e7ad48543174ae061094484a06143c58d2aa321179bd8d3015722d75686ebda0} and the operating margin (ttm) is 4.74{e7ad48543174ae061094484a06143c58d2aa321179bd8d3015722d75686ebda0}. There are two factors to check the management effectiveness – Return on Assets and Return (ttm) on Equity (ttm). The former one stands at 2.17{e7ad48543174ae061094484a06143c58d2aa321179bd8d3015722d75686ebda0} whereas the other one stands at 5.18{e7ad48543174ae061094484a06143c58d2aa321179bd8d3015722d75686ebda0}.

According to the income statement, the total revenue of the company for the concluded fiscal year is 25.71 billion dollars with a gross profit of 4.07 billion dollars. The diluted EPS (ttm) is 0.39. The EBITDA is 3,44 billion dollars. If we take a look at the share statistics, the share percentage held by the insiders us 20.51 per cent whereas, the percentage held by the institutions is 57.93 per cent.

The future of the company lies in introducing a much more efficient system and differential improvements in self-driving technology. They moved into the world’s largest automobile market amidst criticisms. The company’s success is not because it sells cars but due to their long-term visions and the ability to foresee future trends.  You can check more stock information at .

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