Charlie Cox Talks ‘The Defenders’ and New Stunt Team

MCU EXCHANGE – About an hour ago, Netflix released the first teaser for the much awaited Defenders featuring our four favorite goobers in an elevator looking all beaten up and a CCTV timestamp that ended in, pretty much guaranteeing an August 18, 2017 release date for the show. Now we’ve got some news to follow that announcement up ranging from mildly interesting to “Okay, that’s pretty cool I guess.” Yesterday, Charlie Cox dropped by Boogaloo Radio in his homeland the UK to dish what’s been going on in his career and life lately. Much was talked about, from his career slumps to finding ways to pee and take a dump in his Daredevil costume to production secrets surrounding Daredevil and the upcoming Defenders.

With the Marvel/Netflix shows shooting pretty much back to back with very little breaks in between, fatigue is inevitable for the cast and crew that devote countless hours of their time to produce these shows. Charlie was asked about this hectic schedule and how it was for him filming the first and second seasons of Daredevil back to back and later the Defenders.

“Do you know what, when we filmed the first two seasons of Daredevil, it destroyed me. Defenders is slightly different because it has four of us. We can’t all be together all the time so there’s a lot more time off. The way it worked out is quite cool because since my character is the only one that has a mask, when we did action sequences they have to make sure they get the other three doing their bits because they could always use my stunt double.”

Two things about those comments. One, Charlie pretty much confirms that he’ll be the only ‘costumed’ and masked character on the team which is a bummer for fans like me who are expecting Danny to finally don his mask, which brings me to my second point. A lot of people have been attributed the lackluster fight scenes of Iron Fist and glaring use of stunt doubles to the absence of a mask. Charlie addresses the advantage of having his character’s face covered.

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